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Coventry Spa Oxygon


Διαστάσεις 192 x 125 x 73 cm

Αριθμός καθημένων – 1

Αριθμός ξαπλωμένων – 2

Σύνολο jet υδρομασάζ – 27

Σύστημα όζοντος.

Ενεργειακή Αντλία Φίλτρανσης.

Εσωτερικό σύστημα φωτισμού Led.

Υβριδική θέρμανση.


Tecnical specifications:

Spa Length 192 cm
Spa Width 125 cm
Spa Height 73 cm
Number of Persons 3 Persons
Aqua Rolling Massage No
Shell Construction Multilayered
Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet Yes
Amount of LED Lights in Corner Panels Inapplicable
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting Yes
Number of Seats 1 Seat and 2 Lounges
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel Finish 25 Active Hydrotherapy Jets
Total Number of Jets 27
Number of Air Jets Inapplicable
Number of Zoned Air Controls 3 Zoned Air Controls
Ozon Oxidation System For Cleaner Water Yes
Water Fountain No
Gravity Floor Drain No
Amount of Headrests 2 Luxury Headrests
Filtration System Programmable Filtration System
Heating System Balboa
Aromatherapy No
Amount of LED-Lights Starbite LED Underwater Lighting
Audio System with IPOD Docking Station No
TV/DVD Audio Systeem Not applicable
Speakers No
Pump 1 3,0 HP
Filtration Two Single Filters
Control System Balboa
Heating System 3,0 KW
Water Capacity 650 Liter
Dry Weight 150 kg
Filled Weight 900
Insulation Double Thermal Isolation
Electrical Requirements 240 V 16 Amp